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We Specialize in Reducing Property Taxes

Our law firm specializes in Real Estate Assessed Valuation appeals before the Assessor, Board of Review, Property Tax Appeal Board, and Circuit Court of Cook County and all surrounding counties.  A majority of our clients are large commercial and industrial properties, as well as high-end residential properties.  Some of our clients have included Chicago Car City, Northwest Lincoln Mercury, Old Orchard Country Club, The Warehouse Club, and Banker’s Life & Casualty Insurance Company.  Our appeals often result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings for our clients over the course of the assessment period.  

What separates us from the other firms is our diverse financial backgrounds that allow us to take a more sophisticated and successful approach in our assessment appeals. Our knowledge of finance, accounting and computers allows us to analyze financial statements and tax returns in a way that most attorneys in our field cannot. Our clients benefit because we are able to give assessing officials the big, and often dire, financial picture of a corporate entity rather than simply stating what we, or the appraiser feel the fair market value of a property should be. Further, our law firm has argued cases in the Appellate Court and Supreme Court of our state. We hold the landmark decision in City of Chicago vs. Anthony, a Supreme Court case involving the unit rule of valuation. Our firm is not afraid to litigate and as a result we get better results than our competitors who do not have similar experience.

In addition, we are proficient in handling properties with large recent purchase prices. We were recently able to convince assessing officials to reduce an apartment building’s fair market value to $3.2 million despite the recent purchase of the property for $7.5 million.  We also obtained over a million-dollar reduction in assessed valuation for an out of state client owning a large industrial property.

It is important to note that our legal fees are contingency fees, meaning that our fee is based on a small percentage of what we save the client in tax. In the event that an appraisal is needed, we will procure a preliminary estimate of value from a reputable appraisal firm and discuss the potential savings in tax with the client before any additional costs are incurred.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your property tax situation.

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